The Volunteer Programme

New for 2019!!!!

Next Summer We Will Have 2 Placements!!!!

Placement 1 will start on 29th June and will run for 4 weeks. This placement is for teachers and general skills volunteers. Andrew O’Riordan, Con Colbert, Majella Smyth and Catherine McFadden have already signed up. They will be living and working in rural villages around Madudu, in the district of Mubende in Uganda.

Placement 2 will start on 3rd August and run for 2 weeks until 18th August. This one is specifically for nutritionists, doctors, nurses and midwives who will be working on our Safe Motherhood Programme. We would also be very interested in bringing a chef to do cookery demonstrations as part of our Nutrition Workshops.

What Will Our Volunteers Be Doing?

Andrew,Majella and Catherine, as a volunteer teachers, will work in Kisoolo Primary School on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 8.30am – 1pm. They will teach English, Art and PE to all class levels. Thursday mornings will be spent in St. Jude’s Primary School. These are 2 lovely schools and we are very excited to be working with them.

Con is going to make a series of videos documenting the work we do, the programmes we run, talking to the people who work on our programmes and benefit from them and also just the day to day of being a Lámha Suas volunteer. 

If you fancy joining them, contact me at

Rebecca O’Dea is signed up for our second placement. She will be working on our Safe Motherhood Programme, building on the tremendous work started this summer. She will give workshops on nutrition, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and weaning to rural communities. As the women work the fields in the mornings, these workshops will take place in the afternoons.

If you would like to join Rebecca, contact me at

What About When Volunteers Are Not Working?

Volunteers will get to meet other NGO’s working in the area and Mubende, to walk home with some of the pupils of St. Andrew’s Kaggwa Secondary School, meet the girl doing A levels on our Scholarship Programme in St. Andrews, visit Emma’s plantation and learn how to brew waragi… and talk with local health care professionals  about their daily work. There’s the Thank You Party for our Mama Ambassadors and getting to spend time on our Safe Motherhood Programme. If you love music, you’ll love our evening at Ndere Cultural Centre and a lesson in traditional music and dance from our friend Eddie. We spend a day with our friend Moses, visiting his school and sharing a meal with his family and parents. Then of course, there’s the Nakaiyma tree, sacred pagan site to the Goddess Nakaiyima….

We have developed strong links with the Julina School for the Deaf, in Mityana, and next July we will spend 3 days with them.

AND… there are the weekends off when you can go gorilla trekking, on safari or white water rafting…

Any Places Left?

Yes! but we have had a lot of interest and expect places to fill quickly so if you’re interested, don’t delay, contact me at

As an added incentive… the earlier you book your flight, the cheaper it is so don’t delay….

Who Can Volunteer?

Placement 1: We are looking for teachers and general skills volunteers. As an education based organisation, we are always interested in talking to teachers – primary or secondary. 

In terms of General Skills Volunteers, we need someone to project manage our Building Programme. We would also be very interested in talking to someone with expertise in poultry…. maybe your talents lie elsewhere and you’d be interested in painting classrooms, working in the school garden, teaching nutrition in the local schools or working as a teacher’s aide…

We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of experiences. Talk to us about your talents, skills, passions and expertise and we will find where best to place you.

Placement 2: we are specifically looking for nutritionists, doctors, nurses, midwives and chefs. If you working in this field in Uganda and would like to volunteer with us, we would be delighted to have you. 

Contact me at

Tell Me More….

Volunteers all live together in a house in Nalawondwa. It is basic but clean and secure. We have a house girl to look after the house for us and to cook us local food – although we cook for ourselves on Tuesday nights, traditionally pasta night…. Lámha Suas covers the cost of your food and accommodation in Nalawondwa, water for bathing and electricity costs. We also provide volunteers with mosquito nets which are donated to the local clinic when we are leaving the village.

We travel to work and around the local area by boda boda (motorbike). Everyone gets their own driver who will be with you every day. Volunteers pay for their daily transport.  Lámha Suas provides you with your own helmet.

See what past volunteers have gotten up to on our gallery page

Volunteers for the July placement will raise €2000, those on the August placement will raise €1500. This money goes to pay for our programmes. Volunteers also pay for their own airfare. Lámha Suas covers airport transfers, transport to Madudu, Mityana, back to Kampala, we subsidise health insurance with the International Hospital in Kampala and as already stated, cover food and accommodation in Madudu. We also pay for your hotel accommodation in Mityana when we go to work in the Julina School for the Deaf. We can help with fundraising ideas, t-shirts, information leaflets for your donors etc.

To ensure volunteers are properly prepared for their trip, we have 3 pre-trip orientation days and there will be in-country orientation and an observation day once we arrive in Uganda too. Post trip debriefing is also part of the placement and is a great opportunity to meet up with everyone again a few weeks after our return.

Anyone interested in volunteering with Lámha Suas, should contact Deborah Sheeran at