The Safe Motherhood Programme

We started a Safe Motherhood Programme in partnership with the Rural Health Care Foundation Uganda (RHCF) in January 2015. Dickson of RHCF recruited 20 women from different villages and trained them as Mama Ambassadors.

The Mama Ambassadors educate expectant mothers in safe birthing practises and encourage them to go to the maternity clinic in Madudu to have their babies. At the clinic, they will have access to trained medical personnel. The clinic does not have even basic resources though so each mother is also provided with a Mama Kit
containing: a plastic sheet, surgical gloves, cotton wool, blades for cutting the chord, a water sterilisation tablet and a record card for the baby. The mother needs these, as if she arrived at the clinic to deliver her baby without the Mama Kit, she would be turned away. We also give each mother a mosquito net. Our Mama Ambassadors continue to support the new mothers with visits until the babies are 4 months old.

To date, 800 pregnant women have been helped. The programme has been very successful in terms of both Maternal and Infant mortality rates. 

In 2018, another 300 expectant mothers will be helped and we are adding a new dimension to the programme – nutrition education. The Mama Ambassadors will attend a workshop on nutrition – what pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should be eating, how often they should be eating, education on breastfeeding etc. They will also receive training on improving yields in domestic agriculture and what to grow for maximum nutritional benefit. The Mama Ambassadors will bring this knowledge back to their villages and hold their own workshops for the mothers in their care. The mothers and babies will be assessed by professionals to determine how they are doing in terms of nutrition.