The Building Programme

In 2019, Kisoolo Primary School became our main partner school. It is where our volunteer teachers are based and where our Building Programmes take place. The first thing we did, was to build a new classroom for P5 after their room was so badly damaged in a storm as to render it unsafe for use. 



Here is the classroom with our builder Umar and some of his crew, on the day we handed it over to the school and local community. Party!

July 2020 will see us building them another classroom and providing more rain water harvesting in the form of a water tank and guttering.

Prior to this, our Building Programme has provided Kisoolo Primary School with new latrines and Madudu Primary School with a kitchen, grinding machine, grinding machine shelter, a new staff room, a Rain Water Harvesting System and five 10,000L water tanks, fruit trees, doors and window shutters on all classrooms.  We have renovated the teacher quarters, painted all the classrooms, employed an extra teacher and a school cook and converted the original school building to staff accommodation and a library for the children.We have also assisted St. Andrew’s Kaggwa Secondary School with building materials for their Girl’s Hostel and built a classroom and teacher accommodation for Kawuula Primary School. In 2018, we built two 4 stanza latrines for Kiruuma Primary School – one for the girls and one for the boys. We also repaired their existing latrines and gave them a rain water harvesting system with two 5,ooo litre water tanks.