Sodis – The Solar Disinfection of Water

SODIS is the Solar Disinfection of Water. Kevin McGuigan of the RCSI has been researching it and introducing it to communities in developing countries for over 20 years. He very kindly met us and gave us advice on introducing the programme to Madudu, which we did for the first time in July 2015.

SODIS is a cheap, easy way of making water safe to drink. You can use water from any source. You put it in a clear container, leave it in direct sunlight and after 6 hours, it is safe to drink! If the water was cloudy going into the container it will still be cloudy but all germs and pathogens will be dead and the water is perfectly safe to drink.   That’s it! It sounds ridiculously simple and it is!

To hear how it works, click on this link: (


In July 2015, we provided Madudu Primary School with 4 water cooler bottles for each class. The bottles were rotated so that while the children were drinking the water from 2 of the bottles today, the other 2 bottles were in direct sunlight being disinfected for the following day. Cathal Gahan gave talks explaining the programme to the children and teaching staff of Madudu P.S. and St. Andrew’s Kaggwa Secondary School, to a group of 40 community leaders and finally to the whole school community – a group of almost 1000 people.

As part of our commitment to a more sustainable life and reducing our use of single use plastics in the form of water bottles, we use SODIS at our house in Nalawondwa.