We are involved in a number of programmes in Uganda helping rural communities. Please browse our variety of programmes below and if you would like to volunteer please get in touch today. 

The Volunteer Programme

The 2018 Volunteer Programme will start on 30th June and will run for 5 weeks, until 7th August. This year’s volunteers; Barry Clarke, Sarah Scully, Ellen Hogan and Tara Raftery will be living and working in Madudu, in the district of Mubende in Uganda.

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The Building Programme

 Next July will see the first of our Building Programmes in Kiruuma Primary School. We have been going to Kiruuma every Thursday for the last couple of years but this year we will base ourselves there. We are building the school a 4 stall pit latrine.

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The Safe Motherhood Programme

We started a Safe Motherhood Programme in partnership with the Rural Health Care Foundation Uganda (RHCF) in January 2015. Dickson of RHCF recruited 20
women from different villages and trained them as Mama Ambassadors.

The Mama Ambassadors educate expectant mothers in safe birthing practises and encourage them to go to the maternity clinic in Madudu to have their babies. At the clinic, they will have access to …

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The Scholarship Programme

Our Scholarship Programme is for female students of St. Andrew Kaggwa Secondary School in Madudu.

Secondary school in Uganda follows the British model of O Levels and A Levels. Students start in S1 (1st year). At the end of S4 they sit O Levels, after which they…

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Sodis is the Solar Disinfection of Water. Kevin McGuigan of the RCSI has been researching it and introducing it to communities in developing countries for over 20 years. He very kindly met us and gave us advice on introducing the programme to Madudu, which we did for the first time in July 2015. We hope to bring …

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The School Twinning Programme

Under the School Twinning Programme, 5th and 6th class pupils from St. Brigid’s BNS, Killester, Dublin, write to the P5 and P6 pupils of Kawuula Primary School. They send letters or cards  on an agreed topic once a month. The children learn how much they have in…

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