And we’re off!!!!!!

Hi Everybody!

I can’t believe it’s time to go again. I am SOOOOO excited! I have a great crew of volunteers this year – I am blessed with the best every year…

I am particularly excited about the nutrition workshops we will be starting as part of the Safe Motherhood Programme. After little baby Kobisigye died last year I was determined to do something to address malnutrition in the area. I can not thank Ellen, Tara, Hazel, Brian, Deirdre and Mary-Margaret enough for making the leap of faith to come and get this all started.

Barry is going to be a real asset to our Building Programme this year. He has all his homework done and I am delighted that he will be project managing the construction.

I am really delighted to have Sarah coming along too. I can’t begin to tell you all how helpful she has been already and so organised!!!!! It’s been a real bonus for me having her just down the corridor in school but I’m not sure she’s as thrilled! Poor Sarah!

I’ll do my best to keep you all up to date via facebook. I’ll be back on 7th August with a million photos and some great stories no doubt !

Thank you to everyone who has helped us to get this far – knitters, crocheters, friends, family, The ESB, the INTO, anyone and everyone who has donated to the volunteers and/or helped them with their fundraising. Thank you to Ethiopian Airlines who are once again allowing us to pool our luggage allowance so we get the best value out of it… to all at the Rural Health Care Foundation Uganda and all our partners in Uganda who make our placement such a unique experience for our volunteers… to Ronah, our field coordinator, who keeps the wheels turning when we are back here at home. We are beyond blessed to have her.

A final big thank you to my Mam and Dad who will be there on Saturday to load up 2 cars, drive me to the airport and wave me off, as they always do, year in, year out xxx

Volunteer Recruitment for 2018 CLOSED.

I’m DELIGHTED to announce that our 2018 Volunteer Programme is now full and recruitment is officially CLOSED!

This year’s volunteers are: Barry Clarke, Sarah Scully, Ellen Hogan, Tara Raftery, Deirdre Mullally, Hazel Windsor-Aubrey, Mary-Margaret Leonard and Brian Egwalu. Read about what they will be doing on our Programme’s Page

I can’t tell you how excited I am to get out there and get started. We are in for one fantastic summer!

If you missed out on a place this year, remember we open recruitment again in September for July 2019 and we will be delighted to talk to you then.

Great News!

Great News! I’m off to Uganda on Monday 26th March for a few days. It’s not officially a Lámha Suas trip…more catching up with friends but I will of course be going to visit all our programmes to catch up on all of their news too and to make sure we’re all set for July.

It’ll also be a great opportunity to bring out some of the hats, cardigans and blankets already accumulating upstairs. If you have anything for me to bring, get it to me by Friday 23rd. 

Whoop, whoop!!!!! Can’t WAIT!!!!!

Even more great news…..

Expect to hear even more great news very shortly about our Volunteer Programme


New Website!

Welcome to our new website!

You’ll find everything you need to know about Lámha Suas right here and if there’s anything else you need to know contact us via our Contacts Page!

Thank You!

Lámha Suas would like to say a HUGE thank you to Marianna Kane who volunteered her time, expertise, creativity and patience to create this beautiful website and teach Deborah how to update and maintain it! We are DELIGHTED with the results and genuinely can not thank Marianna enough.


Enjoy it all  –  information on our programmes, the photos in the gallery,  our fundraising events

Volunteer Programme 2018

Rebecca teaching in Madudu CU Primary School

Volunteer Programme 2018

Lámha Suas are recruiting volunteers to join our Volunteer Programme for July 2018. It is a 5 week placement in rural Uganda, living and working with the local community.

5 weeks???

So why 5 weeks then? Is it not a bit long?
No. It’s not.
We’re only going for 5 weeks. We’re not going to change the world but we are going to get a Building Programme finished, the volunteer teachers are going to get a scheme of work finished and we are going to have the bare minimum of time needed to explore Uganda – the rich and the poor, the urban and the rural… so we get a really good feel for what life is REALLY like – and that’s what you want.
You’re not a VOLUNTOURIST going for the goo, you’re a Lámha Suas Volunteer going to see, experience, give back and LEARN.

How Much???

Volunteers raise €2000 for our programmes and pay their own airfare. Lámha Suas cover airport transfers, transport to the village, food and accommodation in the village and we subsidize health cover with the International Hospital in Kampala. 


Who Can Go?

As an education based organisation, we are always looking for teachers. You will be teaching English, PE and art to all class levels in Kiruuma and Kisoolo Primary Schools.

This year we also want to recruit volunteers to deliver nutrition training to those running our Safe Motherhood Programme – so if you have expertise in nutrition or if you’re a Speech and Language therapist who could give advice on breastfeeding, give us a call.

Lámha Suas welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Talk to us about your skills, talents, passion and expertise and we will work out how best to use your skills.

Check out the gallery to see what volunteers have done in the past.

Where Do I Sign Up???.

Contact us by clicking on this link

Baby Kobisigye with mum Annette – Safe Motherhood Programme

Baby Kobisigye 

Black mother holding her precious baby
Baby Kobisigye with mum Annette – They are a part of our Safe Motherhood Programme in Uganda

This is baby Kobisigye and her mum Annette. Kobisigye was born on our Safe Motherhood Programme. She had a club foot and a problem with her other leg meaning it bent the wrong way at the knee. These problems were treatable and curable but were compounded by malnutrition. 

By the time we got Kobisigye assessed by a physiotherapist, at 5 weeks of age, her muscles were wasting, her breathing shallow, she was too weak to cry.  Read more