Volunteer Recruitment for 2019 Closed!

Volunteer Recruitment for 2019 is now closed! This summer will see us bringing 2 volunteer placements to Uganda and they are both full!

Our first placement for teachers and general skills volunteers will see Andrew O’Riordan, Majella Smyth, Catherine Mc Fadden, Louise Dunne, Sarah Geoghegan, and Amylee O’Brien teaching in Kisoolo and St. Jude’s Primary Schools. They will be joined by Con Colbert who will be filming our every waking moment to give you all a little taste of our time in Uganda.

In August, I will be joined by Rebecca O’Dea, Lucy Drennan, Muireann Mc Hugh and Sinead Mannion. They will be working on our Safe Motherhood Programe giving nutrition workshops to mothers and fathers in rural villages.

I am VERY EXCITED about this year’s Volunteer Programme! I can’t wait to start working with Kisoolo Primary School and St. Jude’s and I’m equally excited to see the work started by Ellen, Tara, Hazel, Mary, Deirdre and Brian last year, continuing with the nutrition workshops…. AND now! thanks to Connie, you’ll be able to get a real feel for the programme, to see where we live and work, who we work with, who we visit, the excellent work done by our partners and volunteers, the beautiful scenery…. I can’t WAIT!!!!!!

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