Baby Kobisigye with mum Annette – Safe Motherhood Programme

Baby Kobisigye 

Black mother holding her precious baby
Baby Kobisigye with mum Annette – They are a part of our Safe Motherhood Programme in Uganda

This is baby Kobisigye and her mum Annette. Kobisigye was born on our Safe Motherhood Programme. She had a club foot and a problem with her other leg meaning it bent the wrong way at the knee. These problems were treatable and curable but were compounded by malnutrition. 

By the time we got Kobisigye assessed by a physiotherapist, at 5 weeks of age, her muscles were wasting, her breathing shallow, she was too weak to cry. 


Uganda is a fertile country. Fruit and vegetables grow abundantly. Some of them are good at making you feel full but are not very nutritious. People lack knowledge about the food they should be eating and how pregnancy or breastfeeding changes your dietary requirements. 

We have an excellent network of Mama Ambassadors in 20 rural, remote villages. Respected women who have standing. We want to give them a workshop on nutrition and get them to bring that knowledge back to their villages and educate the mothers. 

Kobisigye died at 6 weeks of age after she caught the flu and was too little and too weak to fight it. We don’t want this to happen again…

Can you Help?

If you have expertise in Nutrition and could run the workshop for us next July , contact me.
If you are a Speech and Language Therapist and could give information on breastfeeding as part of the Nutrition Workshop, contact me.

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Please contact us today using this link. If you have expertise in agriculture and could provide information on achieving greater crop yield, contact me.
If you know someone who could help us like, share, tag and pass it on. or PM me here.

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